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TotalHip Replacement Precautions

Totalhip replacement is a serious operation during which the hip joint isremoved and an artificial joint is inserted in its place. Thisartificial joint aids in natural activities involving the hip.Nevertheless, the patient must take the following precautions toavoid any undue stress or damage to the replaced joint.

Precautionsto Follow after the Surgery

Avoidlifting the knee above the level of the hips. Avoid bending overfurther than a 90° angle. Limited movement is advised, especiallyshort walks taken a few times during the day and one must make sure to use allnecessary support equipment as prescribed by a doctor. This takesstress off of the legs and prevents damage to the new joint. Also,avoid walking over uneven or wet areas and try to take smaller stepsthan usual, especially when altering the direction of walking or whengoing around corners.

Whenlying down, always lie flat, put a soft pillow in between the legs toprevent the knees from touching and avoid leaning forward too much.Gentle sponge baths are recommended for bathing. However, do not leantoo far to reach the bathtub taps and use bathing equipment with longhandles to avoid undue pain in the hip. Whilst cleaning the house orthe like, it is advised to use brooms, vacuum cleaners and mops withlong handles to avoid having to bend over too far.

Sittingdown is a major concern here, as there are many things to do toensure that there is no unnecessary stress on the operated leg andhip joint. When sitting, elevating the body above the knee level isadvised to ensure that the hip joint is not bent too far. Placingpillows on the chair or sofa before sitting is advised, or elsesitting on a high chair will work just as well. Sitting with the legscrossed is not advised, as this can twist the new hip joint undulyand cause pain. When standing up from a seated position or from bedafter sleeping, make sure to keep the affected leg forward, so thatthe stronger leg can give support from behind. Also, ascendstaircases slowly, taking one step at a time and stepping on the nextstair with the stronger leg first.

Adoctor will advise the patient when to begin driving again. Take careto raise the level of sitting on the car seat to above knee height.When entering the car, make sure to start while on the pavement toavoid excessive hip bending.

Followingthe above advice closely is a good way to ensure proper recoveryafter a total hip replacement. Doctor's advice will, of course,supersede what is written here.

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