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Throughout a woman’s pregnancy she will experience a whole range of discomforts, pains and aches that she probably has never experienced before. Some can be annoying, some can be irritating and some others can be throbbing.

Pregnancy Problems

The most common side effect of being pregnant is the sickness which is not restricted to strike just in the mornings like some may think. Some other common side effects are exhaustion, food cravings, breast tenderness, headaches, backaches, and numerous urinations. Many women in their last trimester of the pregnancy will experience a pain in their rib area. This pain can come in a variety of pain levels from dull, to medium to sharp pains.

The Causes of Rib Pain during Pregnancy

The main cause for having pain in the rib area during pregnancy is because of the uterus that is growing. The uterus in this time will apply pressure onto the ribs whilst it is growing in its size to accommodate the baby. As the uterus grows, the muscles that lay between the ribs called the intercostal muscles will become more and more strained. The symptoms will also consist of shortness of breath and in some cases difficulty in breathing. In some rare cases if the baby is especially large or the pregnant woman has a particularly short waist may suffer with the ribs actually fracturing during the pregnancy. The pain in the ribs can also be due to the hormonal change that the pregnant woman goes through. The extra progesterone her body has will stretch the ligaments around the pelvis area thus causing a pull on the ribs. In the nine months of pregnancy the woman will experience her breasts growing larger. The larger they get, the more pressure will be applied to the upper back and the shoulder area, even the rib cage thus causing the unwanted pain.Treatment and Remedies for Rib Pain during Pregnancy

If a pregnant woman experiences pain in her rib cage she should consult her doctor straight away. The doctor will usually give her a prescription for pain killers like Tylenol or acetaminophen, which are both safe and sound during pregnancy. It may also be helpful to do some yoga and incorporate some breathing exercises which will in turn help to lower the stress levels. It may be advisable to ensure you are wearing the correct size bra and sleeping in the correct position. You can also try using an ice pack on the tender ribs.

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