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Having a pain in your lower back and in your hips can cause you discomfort and frustration but is seldom anything to be worried about. Some people still believe that you should ignore back pain but this is not a good thinking.

What is Hip and Lower Back Pain

More often than not when people are referring to having hip pain, it isn’t actually their hip that is causing the pain. The area in which people are calling hip pain is the small dimpled area that is a little bony either side of the lower spine area. This particular area is called the Sacro-Iliac joint. This joint becomes painful because it possesses no disc and therefore it cannot cushion itself against any form of pressure. This joint can become tightened rather easily and quickly. It usually happens because it is used for just about any movement you make thus, if you have a tight spine you will inevitably have a tight Saco-iliac joint.

How to Remove Lower Back and Hip Pain

There are really only four main reasons to suffer with a lower back pain, they are tight muscles, joint movement, weak muscles, and pelvic imbalance. The pelvic imbalance is usually the one that causes the sacro-iliac pain. Most of the time, the lower back pain can ease up but it will always come back. If you face all four causes you can and will remove the pain. First thing is first, you need to locate the cause which is some form of distortion in the spine. As soon as you can figure out which distortion is present you can also figure out which muscles and joints you need to concentrate on to alleviate the issue.

How to Alleviate the Lower Back and Hip Pain

You will need to concentrate on two factors, firstly the symptoms and secondly the cause. After you have figured out which imbalance is there you can face the suggestive processes. You can help the pain by using ice techniques and/or heat techniques. Also you can try acupressure and other anti inflammatory ideas. After alleviating the pain you will need to target the area by using corrective techniques that are designed to target the spinal imbalances that you have incurred. By doing a spinal balance you will be targeting the pain and the cause which will cure you completely from the pain. Make sure you seek the help of a professional when using the techniques.

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