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Joy and Discomfort of a Pregnant Woman

Even though pregnancy is considered tobe one of the best and most wonderful parts of human nature, womentend to experience many hardships during this period. They might betroubled by sleeping disorders, headaches, mood swings, frequenturination, nausea, and many other byproducts of pregnancy. Among theseother things there is a rib pain. This phenomenon is likely to strike awoman during the last trimester of her pregnancy. It is quite acommon occurrence and the pain may vary in type, manifestations,intensity and some other things. Namely, the pain may be dull orsharp, it can hurt more or less, and the overall feeling can bedifferent. All in all, every type of this pain and discomfort affectsthe woman's rib cage.

Reasons Behind Rib Pain in PregnantWomen

The first logical reason behind thispainful condition is the fact that the baby is growing. Thus, takingthis into consideration, the baby presses onto the rib cage of itsmother, causing muscle straining, or even possible rib breakage. Thisresults in rib pain, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.The fetus may also press on the diaphragm, which contains numerousnervous endings connected with ribs, causing pain in this area.

Another reason behind this phenomenonmay be the increase in certain hormonal activities in a pregnantwoman's body. This hormone is progesterone and it makes ligaments,muscles and joints more relaxed and elastic. So, once the futuremother experiences the rise in these hormones in order for her bodyto prepare for labor, she might feel pain in the rib cage area.Additionally, she might experience back pain in combination with therib cage pain.

Alternatively, taking intoconsideration the fact that, during pregnancy, women havesignificantly larger breasts, these might be heavy for their bodies,causing rib cage, chest and back pain.

The cause may be psychological as well.Namely, if the woman experiences mental stress or anxiety during herpregnancy, she might feel pain in many of her body parts, includingher rib cage. If the pregnant woman experiences pain duringurination, along with kidney and rib pain, irritation and discomfort,she might be suffering from a urinary tract infection.

Possible Treatment

If you are feeling rib cage pain whilebeing pregnant, you are advised to seek medical attention as soon aspossible. Upon examining you, your doctor may prescribe youpainkillers which will provide you relief. Applying ice packs ontothe troublesome spot may be helpful too.

Alternatively, you might consider doingprenatal yoga and staying physically active, since this will rule outrib cage pain during this delicate period of yours. Also, make sureyou sit and lie comfortably at all times. Finally, this is not aserious problem, and, in most cases, it is easily treatable.

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