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Thigh pain is one of the side effects and symptoms of pregnancy and it can cause great discomfort and anxiety to a future mother. In the following lines, we will focus on this problem and see how it is created. One of the most common side effects during pregnancy is the hip, thigh or back pain. Many hormonal changes occur during the pregnancy and the woman is under a great deal of stress, along with the body. This is mostly felt during the third trimester, when the baby is growing in weight. So pain in the thigh area can be developed during the pregnancy and there are several reasons for this.

Inner Thigh Pain

SPD or the symphysis pubis dysfunction is a condition caused by the tight position of the ligaments of the pelvic bone, and this occurs at the symphysis pubis, which is located in the pubic area. It is a joint that becomes loose because of the effects of the relaxin hormone. Baby can be delivered safely and easy when the ligaments become softer, but when they are relaxed excessively, the pelvic joint will become unstable. Pelvis pain is developed due to this situation and this pain can also be induced in the inner thigh or hip area. This pain is aggravated by walking, standing and moving your legs. Also, emotion of bones being grinded can be felt upon the leg opening of a pregnant women suffering from the pain in question.

Woman may also hear a clicking sound during the leg's movement. She needs to see a doctor if some of the symptoms appear and the obstetric physiotherapist will be needed if the SPD is detected. Pelvic support belt is one of the methods of treatment and it can reduce the pain by making the bones stay in the normal position. This belt can also stabilize the pelvic joint by making the pelvic area muscles stronger, and this can be done with the help from Kegels, pelvic tilts or some other exercise. Remember that long-lasting standing or weight lifting should not be done if you are having this kind of pain.

Thigh and Hip Pain

Sciatica is a condition that can cause thigh and hip pain during pregnancy, and it happens due to the compression of the sciatica nerve, which goes from the feet to the lower back and through the legs. The compression is mostly developed due to the uterus's development and growing in size. Tingling sensation and numbness are common symptoms of this problem and they are felt at the area of the pain. Once the pregnancy ends, so will the pain but hot compress can be used to reduce the pain. Also you can try to sleep on the other side and take baths with warm water.

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