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Ever since the fertilized egg is implanted into the uterus, a whole variety of changes makes huge impact on a woman's body. Some of them occur gradually while others develop suddenly. In spite of being the most exciting parts of every woman's life, pregnancy can cause some discomfort and unpleasant problems. One of them is pack pain. Even though back pain generally occurs later in pregnancy, during the second and third trimester, it is also possible to affect women in the first trimester of their pregnancies.

Back Pain in Early Pregnancy - Why does It Occur?

The very presence of back pain may frighten future mothers and make them first think of some serious conditions. Still, many do not have to worry since among numerous causes of back pain during early pregnancy majority is not associated with some serious medical condition. On the contrary, it is closely related to preparation of the body for the baby.

One of the common causes of back pain during early pregnancy is stretching and softening of certain structures. Namely, the body prepares for the baby by stretching some ligaments (such as those in the abdominal area). Furthermore, even though the baby does not growth rapidly in the beginning of pregnancy it can, in women who are already having problems with back pain, cause pressure to this area and induce pain. Lower back pain is generally a consequence of changes in posture or bad posture.

One more frequent cause of such pain is urinary tract infection. Namely, pregnant women are more susceptible to UTI and once the infection reaches kidneys it generally leads to severe pain in the flank area. The condition is serious and requires prompt treatment.

Even it may sound unbelievable some pregnant women may be under a lot of stress. Stress is another potential contributor to back pain during early pregnancy. Pregnancy is not a bliss for every woman, although it is supposed to be, and some women find this condition rather stressing and worry about every single detail regarding their baby. This can eventually result in pain.

How to deal with the Problem?

The best thing a pregnant woman can do is to consult her doctor who will identify the actual cause of back pain and recommend the most convenient therapy.

Urinary infections require certain medications and intake of plenty of fluids which will flush bacteria from the urinary tract.

Pain can be prevented by gentle and careful movements. Instead of bending a woman can pick things up from a squat position. Lifting heavy objects is forbidden during the entire pregnancy. Additional help is obtained form support belts.

Even by wearing properly fitting shoes and avoiding high heel shoes a woman may prevent back pain.

Pregnant women are allowed to participate in certain physical activities like swimming, walking, stretching etc. Such activities can be amazingly good against back pain.

And finally, if there is need for pain relievers, it is best to consult a doctor who will choose the drug that can reduce the pain but cannot do any harm either to the pregnant woman or to her baby.

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