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Back Pain Prevention

Back pain can be prevented in several simple ways. Following tips can help you to manage with back pain if suffer from it.


Lifting Heavy Objects

Safe lifting means you have to use your legs to support the back. Object that you lift must be close to your body, knees must be bended and you should squeeze muscles in abdominal area. You can search for illustrated safe lifting techniques. Harmful lifting involves those positions that can hurt your back if you use them while lifting. Knowing these positions can help you to avoid them.

Twisting Motions

Twisting motions are especially dangerous to your back while lifting load. They should be avoided or reduced as much as possible. In cases apart from lifting, monitor your spine and if any alerting sign emerges like pain or tightness, stop what you’re doing. These signs are telling that something is wrong so it advisable to hear what your body tells you.

Water Intake

Consuming plenty of water, which means from six to eight 8-ounce glasses during the day, maintains invertible disks as healthy shock absorbers. Our bodies that consist of 70 percent water need plenty of fluids to prevent getting stiff.


Exercise is beneficial to your spine, muscles and the whole body. It prevents back pain and targets the abdominal muscles. Stretching is prevention to stiffness and maintains flexibility thereby minimizes the injuries and pain caused by stiffness.

Warming Up

If you exercise, warm up for 5-10 minutes since it prepares your muscles for more intensive training. This reduces the risk of pain and injury.

Cooling Down

It is also necessary to gradually slow tempo during exercise by stretching. This will relax your muscles.

Body Weight

Normal body weight is a requirement for inhibiting numerous health problems and conditions. If you are overweight it is commonly followed by weak muscles, spine suffers from extra load and postural abnormalities are possible (anterior pelvic tilt).

Sleeping Position

You should choose sleeping position that suits you the best, though you may follow the advices of experts. Also, try to change pillow or bed you are sleeping on if they are uncomfortable to your back or neck.


If your job involves sitting for long period of time, you should stand up as often as you can. Long sitting causes spine and disks problems, neck problems and posture problems.

Holistic techniques

Holistic techniques include massage, yoga, chiropractic, pilates- all beneficial to your spine.

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