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The best nutritional supplements for ovarian cysts can do a great deal to assist recovery from PCOS symptoms. Nutritional supplementation is never the entire answer for treating ovarian cysts, but it can give simple interventions that do not require medication a chance to work. Anywhere from 40 to 92 per cent of women who have ovarian cysts begin to ovulate again after they lose just 2 to 5 pounds.

Other symptoms of PCOS also diminish, although it may take a year or more for the cysts themselves to go away. Anything that helps women with ovarian cysts lose weight helps them get control over the disease. Weight loss works with or without medication or medical procedures. One of the most versatile weight loss aids is green tea extract. It is not a weight loss miracle, but it does accelerate the rate at which fat cells burn fat. To help you lose weight, the green tea extract has to be combined with caffeine, but drinking more than one cup of coffee a day in addition to taking the extract cancels out its benefits for weight loss.

Once you have reached a desirable weight that helps you deal with the pain and other problems associated with ovarian cysts, it's OK to use a brand of green tea extract that does not include the caffeine. It won't help you if you are on Atkins or South Beach, but if you are trying to lose weight by eating a little less of everything, you will lose weight faster with a tropical fruit extract called HCA, or hydroxycitric acid. HCA doesn't help you burn calories. You still have to eat less. What HCA does, however, is to "soften" up the connective tissues between fat cells. This allows greater circulation to the fat cells, so they can be stimulated to burn fat and so that they get better oxygenation. Fatty tissues get softer and more flexible so they don't "strangle" the organs beneath them. You'll feel better faster, and as you lose weight you may have less ovarian pain, especially during ovulation.

A third weight loss supplement that helps many women who have ovarian cysts is chromium, but it has to be the right kind. The formulation of chromium that increases insulin sensitivity and enhances weight loss is chromium nicotinate, chromium bound to a form of the B vitamin niacin. The more commonly sold chromium picolinate is of limited value to women who have ovarian cysts.

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