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Green Tea for Weight Loss

It is well known that the Japanese women remain super-slim even in their middle-age. This miracle is attributed to the large amount of healthy fish, without which the Japanese diet is inconceivable. But that is not all, say researchers from the Tokyo and Geneva, who recently came to the epochal discovery. Green tea, ritual drink in Japan, contains an unique antioxidant, so powerful that it is more efficient than any product for weight loss.

What is most interesting, it isn't necessary to have the Japanese metabolism to experience its benefits. Women across America swamped the Internet with stories about the their weight lose when they added green tea to the current diet. However, more important than their stories are the international researches that support the possibility that green tea effectively reduces weight.


Researches show that green tea "shoot" the fat on the belly because of which obese people are the most miserable. The participants of one study who have been drinking green tea enriched with 690 mg of powerful herb antioxidants – catechin per day for 12 weeks, lost 450 percent more abdominal fat than those who have been drinking placebo, even though both group of people ate the same number of calories. They didn't lose only the surface fat. Reduction is recorded in the deeper, more persistent layer which coats organs under the muscles.

Fat on this part of the body is difficult to take off because it releases substances that do not allow the body to burn them and turn into energy. Catechins are powerful because they simultaneously disable these substances and trigger mitochondria - inter-cellular structure that converts food into fuel. Catechins, therefore, effectively and instantly transform abdominal fat into useful energy.

Is the Diet Unnecessary?

Green tea has the ability to increase thermogenesis - the rate of burning nutrients in order to produce heat, up to 43% on a daily basis. More specifically, those who take 90 mg of catechin (corresponding to the quantity of a cup of tea ), plus 50 mg of caffeine (a natural component of green tea) together with three daily meals will burn 10 percent more stored fat.

Joined forces of catechin and caffeine increase the production and activity of norepinephrine - the metabolism of fat. Higher norepinephrine level means faster metabolism.

Based on different studies turned out that three to five cups of green tea, with any diet program, causes weight loss.

Influence on Health

Also, general health will be significantly improved with only two cups of green tea a day.

One of the ingredients of green tea - "polyphenol", may restrict infection of HIV virus during sexual intercourse, according to a research conducted in Germany.

On the other hand, scientists have come to the conclusion that green tea stops prostate cancer .

Also, it is proven that green tea reduces risk of atherosclerosis, hart attack and stomach cancer.

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