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Processing of the proteins, fats, cholesterol and glucose in the body is aidedby the chromium and it will give you the energy and regulateblood sugar levels. You can see that this substance has certain beneficial effectson the human body, but when it comes to the weight loss, this effectmay require time. Also, the reduction of weight might be a bit more difficult if youhave low amounts of chromium in your body.


This trace mineral helps the resourcefulness of the insulin and improves thecomposition of the body along with the reduction of weight. Glucose can turn tofat cells and this is what we do not want to happen, so we use chromium, whichwill make muscle cells from the glucose. Chromium can transfer into the fat cellsand this is what the weight increase comes from. If you take chromium supplements, youwill make muscle cells from the sugars and carbohydrates but this does not meanthat you can eat carbohydrates and sugars as much as you can. The chromium comesin two types, and those are chromium polynicotinate and chromium picolinate, whichis the one used for reduction of the body weight. You can also include foodsrich in chromium, like cinnamon and brewer's yeast, in your nutrition.

An average American’s diet is deficient in this substance so you have to eat foodswith high levels of chromium. Such foods are whole grains, green beans, mushrooms,eggs, cheese, fish, turkey and brown rice, but remember that the body will havesome difficulties with absorbing this mineral. Problems such as glucoseintolerance, anxiety and fatigue are signs of chromium deficiency, so in thesecases, include chromium supplements in your nutrition. They will provide energy,regulate your blood sugar level and metabolism rate.

Guidelines for Supplement Use

These supplements can be good for all people but pregnant women, athletes who are on diets based on foods rich in carbohydrates, and those who want to reduceweight will benefits from them the most. Also, those who need their blood sugar levels to be regulatedcan use them as well. See a doctor before you start to use them and followdosages in order to avoid potential side effects. Side effects can occur onlyif dosages are not followed and this can lead to chromium toxicity and liver problems, kidney problems, gastrointestinal ulcers and skin problems.Know that the weight will not be reduced if you take a lot of chromium supplement.You will have to eat right, exercise and include these supplements.

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