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Losing excess weight might seem as almost impossible taskfor some people. Herbs are found out to be efficient and safe way to weightloss and there is no reason why you shouldn’t try that option. These naturalremedies won’t substitute regular physical activity and healthy diet, but mayhelp you lose some pounds more easily, improving physiology of your body. Theseproducts are also proven to be much safer than many of dietary supplements ordrinks, not to mention various diet pills.

Herbal Remedies for Weight Loss - What to Use?

You can find various herbal products for weight loss on themarket and on the Internet, as well. Be careful when choosing the product, formany of these products don’t undergo strict research protocol. Educate yourselfabout the herbs used in these products and their side effects, research on theInternet and in the books first, and only then buy the thing.

Green tea is one of the herbs you can use safely and it willhelp you lose extra weight. This herb is the natural remedy for everyone havingproblems with excess weight or obesity, and some studies revealed that peopledrinking green tea lost 2 to 3 times more weight than everyone else. Green teaand green tea extract are both very useful, and they will provide energy toyour body. There are products with and without caffeine, so you can pick theone you prefer.

Apple cider vinegar, taken in the form of tablets or foodsupplement, will aid the weight loss and improve heightened blood pressure andlevel of blood cholesterol. Also, some claim that this remedy is able toprevent development of rheumatoid arthritis.

Gymnostemna pentaphyllum or immortality herb, as some call itis another multipurpose herb. It is believed to increase fat burning andhealthy blood flow. At the same time, this remedy can decrease artery blocksand provide healthy blood pressure.

Organic food, although not strictly herbal remedy, can alsobe beneficial for a person trying to lose extra weight. These are productswithout any chemicals and therefore they will never cause any negative reactionfrom your body (unless you are allergic to something, of course).

What Herbal Remedies Avoid?

St. John’s wort is something you shouldn’t use as weightloss help, or at least look for those containing micro doses of this herb. Thisherbal remedy is known to increase production of some chemicals in the brain,and for that reason it is sometimes used for treatment of mild depression. Improperuse might cause medical problems, such as itching, sensitivity of the eyes andthe skin, fatigue and gastrointestinal difficulties.

Senna is herbal laxative and many weight loss productscontain this herb. However, it is known to cause addiction and dehydration insome cases, so it’s better to be very careful and use only recommended dosageof this remedy.

Chromium picolinate in higher doses might damage thechromosomes or cause dehydration. Avoid products containing large doses of thisherb to avoid possible problems.

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