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Perfect weight-loss treatment

The dream of every person is to have perfect, attractive, toned body. Nowadays, a great number of cosmetic products on the market is present, designed to eliminate extra kilograms. Some of them provide only temporary solution, and some of them have long-lasting effect. The question is – how to know which one of these products will show the best results?

As we already know, the best way for losing weight is, certainly, diet. Balanced diet, rich in vegetables and fruit will help our organism to speed up metabolism processes, which will result in removing of the extra kilograms. The fastest results are provided if diet is combined with exercises and other activities. However, there exist also specially formulated products for losing weight, which can’t provide good results if not combined with diet and exercising. Weight loss product which are proven to be ineffective are some forms of pills, special foods, electrical muscle stimulators, magic weight-loss earrings and so on.

Advantages and disadvantages of weight-loss products.

As already mentioned, the fastest and the healthiest method for losing weight is combination of diet low in calories and exercising. If someone doesn’t have time to devote himself or herself to this method, the usage of the products designed for weight loss is the most frequent solution, but, let’s face it, not as close effective as diet and exercise.

Diet drink powdered formula I forms of shakes is product which is prepared mixed with milk and plays substitute for one of the meals. Research has shown that consumers had been feeling constantly hungry, and after the treatment all lost kilograms were brought back. Other method is based on over-the-counter pills which are usually, consisted of various appetite suppressants. This treatment can be harmful, because it is often based on ephedra which increases the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

Other solutions which can be effective in losing weight, but harmful for health are chitosan and chromium supplements. Chitosan supplements are based on dietary fibers gathered from the sea shells. These pills are supposed to reduce fat absorption and lower the cholesterol, which will result as weight loss. Possible side-effects are diarrhea and disturbed absorption of some vitamins. Chromium supplements reduce cholesterol, triglyceride and glucose level and burn fat. These supplements can cause memory loss, DNA damage and anemia. There are also diet pills based on guarana whose main substance is caffeine, which can provoke insomnia, anxiety and other similar side-effects. Product with similar characteristic is the one based on green tea extract, with only difference in presence of antioxidants. Other popular weight loss products are herbalife nutritional program, spirulina and St. John Wort supplements, ultra slim fast, and so on.

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