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The most popular supplements on the market today are actually a weight loss capsules or pills. There is entire industry out there, reserved for losing weight problem. This industry is also full of false exaggerations and little white lies or half truth stories related to their powerful effect. But many pills or otherwise has no effect on weight loss because a weight loss advertising is built on enticing the customer to believe and to take their money. Terms such as research proven, clinically proven, patented or scientifically designed are often used in the advertising industry.

And most of the time, it is all about flashy exterior or flashy package that sell the product. Sometimes cleverly formulated phrases describing the effect of product make no sense how much they sound good. There are always consumers who are going to take a risk and try on a brand new product. And for a weight loss industry everything is one big game.

Every year over billions of dollars gets to be spent for new and new supplements and drugs ford t weight loss. There are no weight loss pill or supplement in the world that can replace a proper nutritional program or a weight loss training program. There is only one way to achieve this goal: an exercises routine and a proper diet. The process is long and demands a hard work: lean and slim body figure won’t be achieved with shortcuts. It is quite easy to believe that magic pill may get you to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, because we all want to believe in that.

But, there are some weight loss pills or supplements that can aid or help the burning fat process. The pills are used in the combination with diet and working out on a regular basis. There are only selected few supplements who are worth money, only few out of hundreds and hundreds. But before taking a chance, it is important to consult doctor because some of these supplements can conflict other medical condition or there are simply no good to be taken in the combination with diet pills.

An Extract of a Green Tea

Green tea is full of antioxidant or “ECGC” and these have thermogenic effect on body. Effect of a green tea do not raise blood pressure or a heart rate. A proper green tea product need a 55% EGCG and 90% polyphenols, which is a minimum content that is to be present in the supplement. An extract of green tea usually has a 200-400mg of EGCG in one daily dosage, which improves the best effect of energy boosting and extra fat burning.

Caffeine and Ephedrine Effect

Caffeine /Ephedrine give synergistic effect and both compounds are used in the combination with each other. Used as one it gives a thermogenesis improve effect and improves metabolic rate of the body. It is a supplement used as pre-cardio stimulant and pre-workout stimulant. The usual dosage of 15-20mg and 150-200mg caffeine make a decent ratio of 10:1. And dosage is to be taken 2/3 times daily.


A yohimbine is a West African derived alkaloid that increases fat loss by improving lypolysis during regular exercises. It especially affects on thighs, hips or bottom fat areas. Yohimbine is more useful if it is taken with Caffeine and Ephedrine and if it is used yohimbine alone, it may have very little effect.

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