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Piles or hemorrhoids are a problem that affects many. There are several different natural ways and practical remedies that can help cure piles easily.

What are piles?

Piles are enlarged blood vessels of the anus. They usually occur due to constipation or hard stools. They are bluish or purple in color and they can be painful, itchy, and they may bleed, especially after bowel movements. Piles are not tumors and they are not dangerous by themselves.

Piles home remedies

Very efficient home made tablets for piles are made from equal parts of garlic, neem seed, asafetida and dry ginger. These ingredients should be ground together and mixed with some water until a thick paste is formed. The paste is then cut into tablets that are left in shade to dry and taken with water every morning and evening for a few days.

Mango seeds can be very beneficial for people who suffer from piles. They are supposed to be ground into a powder that is then taken with honey.

A mixture can be made with half a teaspoon of ginger juice, one teaspoon of lime juice and one teaspoon of mint juice, all mixed together with a tablespoon of honey.

Fig seeds are excellent for curing piles because they stimulate intestines, normalizing the bowel movement and the stool. Regular bowel movements and a stool that is not too hard or lumpy are vital for preventing and curing the piles.

Figs should be soaked overnight and taken in the morning and in the evening with the water in which they soaked.

Radish juice is also excellent for this kind of problem.

A glass of buttermilk mixed with three tablespoons of bitter melon juice is a remedy that many people praise when it comes to curing piles.

If there is a health food store or Indian market near by a home treatment for piles can be made with chebulic myrobalan fruit fried in castor oil and powdered. A small quantity of this powder should be dissolved on the tongue before going to bed to secure a regular and healthy bowel movement in the morning.

A mix of equal parts of roasted and raw cumin seeds should be powdered and half a teaspoon should be taken with some water.

Aloe vera gel can be applied directly to the hemorrhoids to bring relief and soothe the irritation.

Friction of the buttock cheeks aggravates the piles so it is advised to place some cotton wool between them.

Straining should be avoided. If the piles are caused by constipation it is best to treat it first in order to achieve regular bowel movements with looser stools.

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