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Hemorrhoids are one of the most common conditions that can affect the everyone and unfortunately, many people are prone to this disorder. Another name for the hemorrhoids is piles, and they are actually swellings that occur because of the inflamed or varicose veins in the region or the rectum and the anus. Hemorrhoids can occur at any age, but they are the most frequent in pregnant women.

Types and causes of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be divided into two groups, according the place where they emerge. Therefore, they can be external or internal; external, which emerge outside the anus, can be felt under touch as bumps and the most common symptoms are itching and pain, while on the other hand, internal hemorrhoids occur inside the anus and the warning sings are swelling, bleeding and pain. Unfortunately, in severe cases, the hemorrhoids can burst and begin to bleed. This condition is usually called bleeding hemorrhoids.

The most frequent causes for the emerging of piles are constipation, chronic diarrhea and strenuous activities, such as heavy lifting jobs. Furthermore, pregnant women usually suffer from hemorrhoids because in this period, the blood flow is increased and the fetus makes pressure on the abdomen. It is also considered that diet poor in fiber but rich in spices and condiments may lead to the outbreak of the piles.

Home remedies for hemorrhoids

There are several things that every person with hemorrhoids can do at home in order to cure this condition effectively and as fast as possible. The most recommended food remedy for piles are dry figs. One should soak three or four figs in the water over night, and consume it in the morning on empty stomach. When one faces hemorrhoids that bleed, mango seeds should be dried and powdered first and then taken with or without honey, but only about two grams. Boiled sesame seeds, white radish and white radish juice with a pinch of salt are very powerful home remedies for treating hemorrhoids.

When one suffers from external hemorrhoids, it is recommended to apply the paste of well-grounded radish with milk on the hemorrhoids. This is very good for the reducing of swelling and pain. In order to shrink veins, many specialists recommend treatment with cold water, which should be taken twice a day, or applying cold compress an hour before going to bad at night. Applying a solution of powdered Alum or a solution of powdered cumin seeds directly on the hemorrhoid can be very effective. A cup of milk boiled with mashed banana or the jambul fruit taken with salt can be also very beneficial in treating hemorrhoids at home.

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