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Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, appear when veins in therectum and the anus get swollen and inflamed. It one of the most commonillnesses present today.

Hemorrhoids are a product of constipation caused by variousfactors. Pregnancy can cause hormonalchanges which lead to appearance of hemorrhoids because of the pressure of thefetus on the veins. Chronic venous insufficiency as a product of beingoverweight and lacking physical exercise together with aging and liver cirrhosisare common symptoms too.

There are two types of hemorrhoids, internal and external.Internal are located inside the anal cavity presented through painless bleedingat the end of the bowel movement. Feeling of fullness and a need for bowelmovement without actual stool serves along with acute itching and pain as wellas irritation around the anus often followed by swelling present other symptoms.In cases of bleeding, the best advice is to consult with your doctor since hemorrhoidsmay not be one of the reasons.

External hemorrhoids are present outside of the anal cavityand represent a bulge in the anus. It can be itchy and painful without showingtypical symptoms.

Hemorrhoids are often confused with Anal Fissure, which is asmall, painful tear at the and ot the anus caused mostly by constipation andhard stool.

Intake of fiber softens the stool and is a very good naturalway of curing hemorrhoids; eating whole grains and vegetables while ensuringyou take sufficient amount of water with them can help significantly. Psyllium,a powdered fiber supplement can be an alternative. Eating Bioflavonoids, plantcompound which strengthens blood vessels and treats infections known to reducemost of the abovementioned symptoms. Some medicines like Witch Hazel Compressor cream can be applied externally on the anus, reducing pain and othersymptoms. A plant called Butcher’s broom is a very good medicament when takenas a capsule or a tea since it reduces inflammation and cleans the bloodvessels. However, it should not be used by people suffering from high bloodpressure, benign prostatic hyperplasia, pregnant or nursing women or peopletaking alpha blockers. Another herb that, similar to Butcher’s broom, helps thecirculation in the vessels is horse chestnut. Bear in mind that only productsmade from seeds of this herb are supposed to be used since the rest ispoisonous. Also, people allergic to this plant or people taking blood thinnersshould avoid it.

Other natural remedies are Triphala, a compound of threefruits known as a good bowel tonic relieving constipation. Application of chamomileor calendula is also a very good medicine. We should not forget that regularexercise along with sufficient water and fiber intake greatly helps inpreventing hemorrhoids from even appearing.

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