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About Piles

Piles are the swollen and inflamed veins that occur in the lower rectum and anus. More than a half of the adult population experiences this uncomfortable condition. Piles can be internal and external. Internal piles occur inside the anus, while external appear outside the anus. In the case of external piles, bleeding does not appear, unlike in internal piles, when the dark blood is discharged. The bleeding occurs because the veins just burst. The most common symptoms of piles are itching, discomfort and bleeding, as well as swelling around the anus and a sensitive or painful lump near the anus.

Causes of piles

The main cause for the appearance of piles is constipation. On the other hand, even constipation is caused by some other reason or medical condition. Painful bowel movement happens because of constipation, which is the term for the condition where a person has difficulty to defecate because the feces are extremely hard. In severe cases, even medical help is needed to eliminate feces from the body. Constipation may be caused by inadequate and poor diet. Furthermore, it occurs as a side effect of many medicines. Constipation can be controlled by consuming foods rich in fiber and water.

Furthermore, painful bowel movement occurs due to anal fissures, which are abnormal cracks in anus. Anal fissures appear because of hard feces usually after constipation or after a delivery in women. Painful bowel movement also appears because of piles. On the other hand, piles are caused due to the pressure on the rectal veins and extreme straining during bowel movements as well.

Other causes of hemorrhoids or piles are pregnancy and excessive consummation of coffee and alcohol. To treat constipation, the best foods are green vegetable and whole grains. Painful bowel movement usually occurs owing to diarrhea, which happens because of indigestion and food poisoning. These bowel movements may be very painful; therefore it is recommended to visit a doctor who would prescribe certain medications that are very effective in relieving the pain. Hemorrhoids can occur because of the extreme pain during diarrhea.

Another potential cause of piles is hypertension, especially portal hypertension. This happens because the portal vein is connected with the vena cava, which is in the rectal wall. Other causes include obesity, sitting on the hard surface for a long time, poor body posture and cigarette smoking. One of the causes for the appearance of hemorrhoids is anal intercourse as well.

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