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Diarrhea is a frequent watery, loose stool. Diarrhea can be both acute and chronic, it can lead to dehydration, general weakness, loss of important vitamins and minerals and, in severe cases, to death.

Almost everyone had diarrhea at least once in their life. There are many different causes of this problem, and the most common include overeating, inadequate or incomplete digestion, bacterial or viral infections, bowel disorders and food allergies.

Human intestines absorb the water created by the stomach, liver and pancreas and from the food ingested. If the intestines do not absorb the water properly or if there is excess water from the organs, the stool will be watery, loose and frequent.

There are many pharmaceutical medications that aim to stop diarrhea but there is also a wide variety of healthy, natural home remedies that can be helpful when diarrhea sets in.

Ginger is very beneficial for many disorders in the gastrointestinal tract, from nausea to cramps, and it is also good for diarrhea. One teaspoon of ginger juice with half a cup of boiling water makes a good home remedy when taken every hour until diarrhea stops.

A banana with some curd usually helps with diarrhea, and the same goes for curd with mango juice and some ginger. Mango nut with water is another solution.

Amaranth seeds and leaves are used in a tea that is said to be very beneficial for diarrhea. The tea is made with two teaspoons of amaranth seeds boiled in three cups of water and then simmered for 10 to 15 minutes. After simmering, the tea should be left to steep with one teaspoon of leaves for 30 minutes.

A very simple diarrhea remedy can be made with two cups of boiled and cooled water with black pepper and one and a half teaspoon of kelp.

Even more simple, is a home remedy made with eight ounces of water and 4 tablespoons of honey.

A paste made of lemon (without removing the seeds) and some salt, taken in one teaspoon two or three times a day should alleviate the diarrhea soon.

Cumin is one another ingredient that is efficient in solving different digestive problems. For diarrhea, roasted cumin seeds are mixed with an equal amount of roasted fennel seeds and one quarter or one half of teaspoon is taken every three hours.

A similar remedy is made for chronic diarrhea, with the addition of some unrefined sugar. It should be stored and taken in small quantities every morning and evening for two weeks.

Since diarrhea causes dehydration, it is vital to drink a lot of water. Starchy liquids like barley water or coconut water will not only hydrate but also prevent the loose motions.

The diet during diarrhea should be rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

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