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Tonsils are critically important in prevention of various kinds of infections that tend to enter our body trough our mouth. In contrary to broad opinion, tonsils are not the root to our infections, but the guards against it. Inflammation of tonsils is called tonsillitis, at its symptoms are very easy identifiable, just by looking down someone’s throat. Swelling and the colour can not be mistaken foe anything else. In cases when tonsillitis is not treated accordingly, it may grow to some dangerous post infection states, like ear infections.

In case of tonsils infection, they tend to get bigger, and either side of your throat can be infected. If the tonsillitis is accompanied with infection recurrences, it is considered chronic.Infected tonsils are not capable to help release toxins from the body via kidneys or skin, so toxins remain inside the body. Symptoms of tonsillitis may be pain in the entire body, fever, difficulty to swallow, or headache and a sore throat. More serious symptoms may be high fever, strong pain when try to swallow, enlarges gland behind ears and sometime even ear pain.

There are various home remedies that you can try in cases of tonsillitis, but effects may vary from person to person, depending of their’s specific cases of tonsils inflammation. In case of doubt, due to possible allergic reaction to some of these remedies, or inefficiency, you should consult your doctor.

Lime is one of common home remedy for tonsillitis. You can make a mixture of warm water and fresh lime, width honey and kitchen salt, and drink it slowly.

Doing a bowel cleansing with some hot water, and daily breathing exercises can be very helpful.

Also milk is very important in reducing tonsillitis symptoms. Try to mix warm milk with powdered pepper and take it before night sleep.

Epsom salt bath can be very useful along with the application of ice pack on your throat.

Raw vegetable juice from cucumber, carrot or beet can be mixed with together, or taken apart. Either way it is very helpful.

Combination of warm water and onion or dried leaves of pudina can be excellent for gargle, and it is one of the best home remedies for tonsillitis.

All of this home remedies are very good and helpful for tonsillitis, but it will take at least couple of days or up to one week for inflamed tonsils to come back to normal size.

There is also matter of right diet, for tonsillitis patients, while they are at home. Unfortunately, best diet for those periods of tonsil inflammation is as less food as possible. Lots of liquids, such as hot teas, or fresh fruit and vegetable juices are best diet for those periods. Only after time when tonsils are no more swollen, you should try a balance diet of mixture of vegetable, fruits, seeds, grains, nuts etc. Alcohol, cigarettes, fried food and carbonated drinks are strictly not recommended.

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