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Hemorrhoids or piles are medical condition characterized by swelling of the venous tissue around the anus and rectum. Piles can be either internal or external, depending if they are inside or outside the rectal canal. Inflammation and enlargement of the veins in the rectal canal is known as internal hemorrhoids and these are known to bleed very easily. On the other hand, external hemorrhoids occur around the anus and these don’t bleed, if there is no friction or pressure to cause burst of enlarged veins.

What Causes Piles?

The most common complaints of patients suffering from hemorrhoids are pain, itching in the rectum, incomplete bowel movements and some rectal bleeding.

Development of piles is associated with different condition which may put some strain or pressure on the wall of the rectum. This problem is usually seen in people suffering from chronic or prolonged constipation, diarrhea or some rectal infection. Portal hypertension, liver problems (especially cirrhosis of the liver) and even coughing may contribute to formation of piles. Anal intercourse is yet another possible cause of this problem in some patients.

Obesity, lack of physical activity, prolonged sitting or standing in one place, as well as some strenuous work may lead to development of hemorrhoids. Increased strain and pressure during bowel movements and hypertension may cause piles in pregnant women.Home Remedies for Piles

Many cases of hemorrhoids don’t have to be treated with medications. Simple home remedies and some dietary and lifestyle changes may make a world of difference in people suffering from this problem. Dietary changes should involve increased amount of fibers and fluids.

Some of the most commonly used remedies for piles are radishes. Radish is usually taken in the morning and at nighttime, but it can also be used as a paste with some milk and applied topically (on the painful piles). Banana, figs, mango seeds, ginger, onion, aloe vera, yarrow, cumin, coriander, jambul fruit, papaya, pileen, buttermilk, spinach and carrot juice, turnip and many other fruits and vegetables can be used to treat enlarged and swollen piles.

Bananas are known to be great laxatives and thus beneficial for people suffering from hemorrhoids. They can be taken early in the morning or boiled and used with some milk two times per day. Figs soaked in some water overnight are also great for inflamed piles, as well as some dried and powdered mango seeds. Aloe vera juice (gel) is also something you could use for hemorrhoids. Just apply it directly on the inflamed spot and it should ease your pain and itching.

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