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Bleeding Piles

We will give you some information about this condition and the some tips on how to get rid of it. Hemorrhoids, or the bleeding piles, are caused by the masses and clumps created in the rectum due to the blood vessels' swelling in this location. The bleeding occurs once the rectum becomes under a pressure, which causes the sores to rupture and this leads to the bleeding. Chronic constipation is the most common cause of this problem. Mental tension, childbirth, obesity, heavy object lifting, long-lasting standing and sitting are some of the possible causes as well. This condition causes problems such as bowel movement followed by an irritation, itching felt after the bowel movement, burning sensation and painful bowel movement. But the problem can be cured, and we will explain how in the following article.


The pain can be reduced and the piles shrunk with the use of suppositories, ointments and oral medicines. Another treatment method involves the use of a band, which causes the hemorrhoid to die by making it dry. This is achieved by placing it on the hemorrhoid's base, which makes the blood flow restricted and this will produce the mentioned effect. But in more severe cases, other approaches may be needed, since these may be fruitless. In some cases, only surgery can help. The piles will have to be treated if the problem is present due to constipation. Reduction of weight will be needed if obesity has caused the problems. Next, we will see what can be done at home. There are several effective remedies that can help with the problem. You can soak 3 or 4 hot water washed figs overnight. Repeat this every morning and night for 3 or 4 weeks and the problem should be removed. Next remedy includes mango seeds, which should be dried and powdered. Put some honey in 2 g of this powder and take this two times a day. Since these fruits are seasoned, you can make the mix and keep it in a bottle until you need it. The third possible remedy is made with chebulic myroblen fruit, which has astringent and laxative abilities. These fruits should be roasted in Castrol oil, and when they become brown, remove them and make powder out of them. The powder should be used every night before you go to bed by placing it under the tongue. The powder will dissolve and this will bring relief from the hemorrhoids. The last remedy we will give you is made by mixing coarsely grounded mustard seeds and a bowl of yogurt. Consume this mix and then take a glass of buttermilk. This will provide short time relief.

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