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What is the Heat Rash?

Heat rash is manifested as the apparition of the numerous and very small red spots that cause the sense of itch, and which are commonly located on the chest, neck and back. This problem, naturally, belongs to the group of the skin diseases, and it is likely to happen as the consequence of the exposure to extreme heat, when the process of sweating can’t reduce the temperature of the body at the normal level by cooling it, on its own.

This effect is more likely to happen if there is a lot of additional humidity in the environmental air and the sweat glands are not triggered to secrete enough sweat, and that is why this skin problem often appears in the summer. Also, the heat rash can be provoked by wearing the clothes from the artificial fabrics, which disable the natural process of the sweat turning into the vapour and the process of sweating at all. So, that way the sweating happens inside the skin and even more complicated heath rash is the inevitable consequence.

The treatment for Heat Rash

First of all, it is recommendable to cool the skin from the outside by putting on the ice over the affected area(s), but it is better to wrap it in some cloth, in order to avoid the direct contact of the skin with the ice. This simple remedy should be kept over the rash for at least five minutes, and this procedure should be repeated after every five hours. Or, it is also beneficial to spend the time in the cooled rooms, as well as under the cool shower.

The next thing that should be done is to try to maintain the skin dry. That is, one must stay away from applying moisturizing products, since they close the pores, and that way, disable the process of perspiration. There are certain cosmetic products which are beneficial for lessening the skin irritation, such as the lotions based on Calamine, Hydrocortisone, aloe vera and mentholate.

Also, for lessening the irritation, it is advisable to immerse the whole body into the bath in which are previously added several tablespoons of baking soda or of the powdered oatmeal. For the same purpose, very effective are some powders too, and the most popular remedy, concerning this matter is the talcum powder, which should be applied topically.

Having in mind that the treatment can be sometimes very hard to be performed during the summer months, it is always better to prevent the problem, if possible. This could be done by using the clothes which are comfortable and made from the natural fabrics and by staying away from the direct sunrays.

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