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Dark underarms is a condition where an individual has dark looking skin under arms. This condition causes itching as well. Dark underarms are accompanied with excessive sweating and bad odor. Dark underarms can also cause embarrassment among people, especially among younger girls. During summer days when we all wear short sleeves or sleeveless shirts dark underarms are very obvious. They are more visible if a person is fair.

There are numerous causes for dark underarms such as shaving, wearing tight tops, blouses and shirts, improper washing of underarms, sweating too much, build up of dead skin, using to much deodorants that are full of chemicals etc. If you suffer from dark underarms you can try eliminating them using several good home remedies.

First one among them are lemons. Slice them and rub them into your armpits. Instead of buying and using chemical deodorants apply alum powder on your underarms. Baking soda if applied after taking shower will help eliminating dark underarms. Vitamin E oil or coconut oil can be rubbed into armpits for beneficial effect.

You can make a mixture that will treat dark underarms. You need one teaspoon of lime juice and cucumber juice and a pinch of turmeric powder. Make a paste from these ingredients apply on armpits and wash it off after 20 minutes. Another paste is made from one tablespoon of curd and one teaspoon of gram flour and milk and a pinch of turmeric. Apply the mixture leave it on armpits until it gets dry and rinse thoroughly.

Combination of sandalwood powder and rose water can treat dark underarms. Avoid anti-perspirants and chemical deodorants and start using fungal powder. There are natural deodorants without chemical overload that can be good substitute. Wear only cotton clothes to prevent dark underarms. Avoid tight tops since they will cause friction and irritate your skin in underarms.

If suffering from dark underarms avoid shaving. Try waxing them to remove both hair and dead skin from armpits. If you suffer from dark underarms it is important to visit your doctor too. He or she will see what caused this condition and help you choose the best treatment available. All mentioned home remedies work well. You and your doctor need to chose which one works the best on you. By doing this you will eliminate dark underarms and consequently feel relieved and more relaxed. You will have more self esteem and will no longer be afraid of wearing sleeveless shirts in the summer.

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