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Useful tips on how to keep excessive sweating under control

This more than uncomfortable and embarrassing medicalcondition, which can occur due to diabetes, gout, some disorder of thepituitary gland, obesity, and many other factors, usually has stains on clothesand a very unpleasant smell as one of the accompanying symptoms. People whohave problems with hyperhidrosis are recommended to wear light and looseclothing so that the skin could always breathe. Synthetic fabrics and silk arenever a good choice; instead, cotton and linen should be chosen. It is alsonecessary to shower even two or three times a day if necessary, in order toprevent unpleasant body odor. In order to avoid dehydration, it is recommended to drinkplenty f water, because the lost fluid needs to be replaced.

Natural and homemade remedies for excessive sweating

As for some natural remedies that help in keeping excessive sweatingunder control, some of the products that have proven to be helpful are Lupulus,Castoreum, and Argentum nitricum, which are particularly helpful when thisproblem is related to anxiety, nervousness and panic. Syphilinum is helpful dueto its ability to keep the levels of fluids in the body under control, at thesame time controlling the odor that usually accompanies excessive perspiration. As for some remedies that are practically available toeveryone and that can be found at home or nearest supermarket, they includetalcum powder, cornstarch, tomato juice, potatoes, baking soda, lemon juice,and apple cider vinegar.

Talcum powder can help with the odor, and it is recommendedto rub it onto the body after taking a shower.Cornstarch is a great substitutefor deodorants and it can be used without any restrictions.Tomato juice canhelp with this problem if drank for a week only. It will not cure thecondition, but the signs of improvement will be more than obvious. After thatone week, it should be drunk every other day.As for potatoes, they can helpwith the unpleasant odor and excessive sweating if slices are rubbed onto thedry armpits.Baking soda can be used as a powder for underarms, but it needs tobe applied with cotton pads.Lemon juice should be applied onto underarms afterhaving a shower in order to prevent bad odor.Apple cider vinegar can be usedfrom the inside and from the outside, or more precisely, it can be applied directlyunder the arms, or combined with honey it can be taken orally, preferably threetimes a day.

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