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It Came from the Air

There are many people who are allergicto certain things which are a part of our air. This could be pollen,certain bacteria, pollution or chemicals, even fragrances we use inour cosmetics. Some of these, if we have allergies, are interpretedas dangerous by our organism, and it gives its best in order to fightthem off, triggering the symptoms of an allergy.

However, even though this is so, andmany people know that they are allergic to certain substances, theystill continue exposing themselves to these. This, of course, is badand these people need to become more aware about their own organismand the world behind them, learning how to cope with allergiesbetter.

Usually, these allergies take placeduring a specific season, like spring. Then, you need to be preparedand know what to avoid if you are to stay healthy and free from allthe potentially harmful allergens which will make you suffer.

How To Avoid Allergies

Amazingly, contrary to popular belief,many chemicals used in households are incredibly rich in irritantsand potential allergens. Therefore, you need to be careful when usingcleaners for your floors, dust, clothes and many other things. Manyof these contain ammonia, which is a well known irritant for the skinand eyes, causing problems to you, your family and even your pets.The best way of getting around this problem, since you need to stayclean and clean your environment regularly, is to make your owncleaner by following the instructions mentioned below.

One of the best combination for thesepurposes is baking soda, mixed with vinegar and lemon. Here, lemon isan excellent cleaner and disinfectant, also being a bearer of thefamous fresh scent. Also, baking soda is abrasive and helps cleaning,creating a detergent which will neutralize the smell of vinegar whilepreserving all of its cleaning efficiency. Therefore, this is thebest combination you can use for cleaning your household.

For getting rid of soap scum, use amixture of baking soda, two tablespoons of lemon juice and a singleone of dish soap. Use this in your bathroom, keeping it clean andbright.

As far as glass cleaning is concerned,taking a spray bottle, half filled with water and adding lemon juiceas well as filling the other half with vinegar, adding a bit of adish soap. On the other hand, olive oil is best for cleaning allwooden surfaces.

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