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Skin rashes typically occur when skin is in contact with some irritating substance, and the can be very uncomfortable and irritating. Skin rashes can be caused by some ingredient in cosmetic products, herbs, pollutants in air, swimming pools, water, etc. Some rashes are caused by viral, bacterial or fungal infections, while with others sometimes cause is unknown.

Usually the symptoms of skin rashes are blisters, irritation, itching, pain, redness or inflammation of the skin. Skin rushes can be spread on localized parts of your body or they can affect your whole body. There are many types of skin rashes or dermatitis, and they can be identified by symptoms they produce, like seborrheic, meaning the are caused by contact with some toxic substances from the environment, atopic, which is mostly hereditary, allergic, or contact.

Natural Remedies for Skin Rashes

In case that you have some type of skin rash or dermatitis, best thing to do is to consult with dermatologist, who can prescribe or recommend you some creams to apply, or give you antibacterial, anti inflammatory or antihistamine medications, based on type and severity of your skin rash.

Problem is that many of those creams or medications may have side effects, and in some cases they may aggravate your symptoms, so you may try to with alternative natural remedies, which can be safe and without unwanted side effects. Effectiveness of those natural remedies will depend of type and severity of your skin rash, but in case that you notice that you rash are getting worse from some of those natural remedies you should stop the treatment and consult with your doctor.

Here is a short list for some of those natural remedies for skin rashes.

Basil juice, baking powder, mint juice, chamomile tea or almond oil are some of the natural remedies for cases of skin rashes, and they can be applied directly to the area of skin affected with rush. Also applying cotton soaked in ice water on your affected skin areas will bring relief. You should also avoid direct exposure to sunlight of affected skin areas.

Olive oil applied directly to affected skin is also of best natural relief for skin rashes. Olive oil contains substances that are most beneficial to skin rashes. Aloe vera is another excellent natural remedy for skin rashes. Gel of aloe vera can be applied directly to skin several times per day. Cold liver oil that contains antioxidant vitamin E is also very good natural remedy in cases of skin rashes, and it can also be applied directly to skin.

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