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The apparition of the extended skin of the area below the eyes, which resembles a bag-like formation is very common problem that affect almost everyone. So, it is an aesthetic problem and the reason to solve it is the fact that they are always associated with exhaustion or something similar. The lower eyelid actually loses its elasticity through the time, and the tissue becomes loose and filled with accumulated fat and water, thus looking like a bag.

So, it is somewhat natural and expectable process, but if untreated, they tend to become even bigger, and in the serious cases, may lead to the problems with the vision.

Fortunately, apart from the expensive cosmetic products for rejuvenation, there are a lot possible homemade solutions for this problem. And more importantly, all these remedies affect directly on shrinking the blood vessels of the lower eyelids, without providing the negative side-effects.The tips on how to deal with the bags

So, the simplest of all the remedies is the cold water, which is already well-known to have the mentioned effect on the blood vessels. But, it is necessary to attack the problem from the inside, too, in order to achieve the best effect there is. And that is usually done by the increased intake of water, which is also beneficial for any health problem, in general.

Nevertheless, if the consumption of water is combined with the intake of the caffeine, such is the case of drinking the teas (the green and black teas are more healthy than coffee), the effectiveness of such a treatment is improved. Also, the cooled teabags are recommended to be kept over the eyes for five minutes, and the same method should be practiced with the two slices of cucumber. These are the techniques for reducing the swelling and for improving the circulation in the affected areas.

However, in order to minimize the swelling, the two masses of the small pieces of potato could be placed over the eyes, too. For the same purpose the white part of the egg should be stirred up well and applied over the eyes with anything sterile, and after the transparent film is created, it should be peeled off.

Anyway, salt is used for the absorption of the excessive accumulated water in the lower eyelids. So, the remedy made from the half of a tsp. of salt and a little bit of lukewarm water is very beneficial to be applied onto the area.

Another way to remove these unattractive bags is to simply keep the cooled teaspoons over the closed eyes, of course, with the prominent part downwards.

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