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A few words about the pink eye

Pink eye is the common name for the condition which is medically referred to as conjunctivitis, and that is the term for the inflammatory process on the mucous transparent membranes placed in the inner sides of the eyelids and over the eye ball. It is very frequent condition since there are a lot of possible triggers of it, and one of the most common is the entrance of the virus or bacteria. In those cases, the inflammation, which is manifested as the swelling of the eyelids and the pinkish color in the corners of the eyes, is actually the normal bodily response to the infection. Additionally, the increased secretion of the mucus from the eye(s) is present, and it hardens in the contact with air, which can lead to the glued eyelids in the mornings, especially in the cases of the pink eye caused by bacteria.The treatment for pink eyeFirst of all, the affected individual should stay away from the habit of rubbing the eye(s), although the most prominent symptom of conjunctivitis is the severe itch and the intense irritation, because it will only make the condition worse. That is why this condition is more common in small children who cannot bear the itch like the adults do. Also, it is good to restrain from swimming in the public pools, since, the chloride is very harmful chemical that can also provoke this condition.

So, when it comes to the prevention, it is important to know that the pink eye problem could be also caused by the diseases that are passed on to another individual by the sexual contact, by the particles from the environmental air that usually trigger the allergic response, by the simple filth, or by the entrance of some foreign body. The persons who wear the contact lenses and the people who are constantly exposed to the harmful chemicals must be also very careful about this health problem.

If the condition still occurs, it is better to treat it with the natural remedies, since they are enough mild for the eyes and enough potent for annihilation of the mentioned provokers of conjunctivitis. Of course, every remedy is designed for fighting the specific cause. That is, for example, in the case of the infections of the viral and the bacterial origin, very beneficial are the remedies based on Aloe Vera, the homeopathic remedies in the form of the drops, and even the breast milk. Also, for the same purpose the following mixture based on honey is very effective; a little bit of salt and the strong green tea should be added to it, and this dilution should be also used as the eye drops.

And, when it comes to lessening the symptoms of the itch, pain, irritation and discomfort, the best remedies are the Chamomile, Apple cider vinegar, the green tea and Peroxide (which also contains the disinfectant agents).

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