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Puffy eyes

The problem with puffy eyes can be sometimes very difficult to treat. It can also be very discomforting and annoying, because it just persistently remains. The removal may be hard, but there is an answer in the way of prevention. Several steps may be taken in order to eliminate the problem from ever occurring again. Fluid retention is the most common way of the creation of this problem. The fluid gathers under the eyes when people sleep on their stomachs. If we sleep in this way, the head will be destination of the fluid and this will cause the improper circulation. When we hear about the main cause of puffy eyes, it is logical that sleeping with the elevated head is the best way of prevention. Do this for one night and the problem should go away. Also you can apply cool bags. They can be acquired at any pharmacy.

Puffy eyes can be caused by the improper lymph flow. There are two exercises that can be done in order to prevent the problem. Those are jumping jacks and deep breaths, and doing ten every day will remove the puffy eyes. Nutrition can also be cause of puffy eyes. Food with sodium can cause the problem. Excess intake of salt can also be the cause. Remember to drink lots of water sine the problem can also be caused by the improper water consumption. Keep in mind that water is not the same as fruit juices or any other juices, because they will not have the desired effect.

Another possible reason for the creation of puffy eyes is the age. Our body will develop puffy eyes on their own when we enter certain age, and when this problem is a result of aging, it cannot be eliminated with the ways we have mentioned earlier. The effect of age cannot be erased in this case. Just be sure that every problem has a solution. So, if you are having a problem with puffy eyes, visit the doctor and he will tell you what can be done.

Surgery for puffy eyes

The surgery called lower eyelid blepharoplasty is performed when the puffy eyes problem is present. This surgery will decrease the lower eyelids wrinkles and puffiness. In order to cushion the impacts, the area behind the eye is filled with fatty tissue. This fat can leave this area if the barrier that holds it becomes weak. This will cause the fatty tissue to enter the lower eyelids and this is how the bags under the eyes or eyelids bags are created. The surgery will make the incision on the inside of the eyelids or under the eyelashes. It is done with an external incision, removing the excess skin, which will decrease the wrinkles on the lower eyelids.

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