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The description of the sinuses problem

The congestion of the nasal cavities which is the consequence of the accumulated and hardened mucus is not so dangerous, but very troublesome and uncomfortable problem. It is very frequent complication of the inflammation of the sinuses, since it causes the larger production of the mucus in the upper respiratory system.

If the excessive mucus tends to accumulate at the back of the throat and becomes dense and sticky, there is the case of the complication called the post nasal drip. This problem can be solved by using some effective methods at the same time, such as: the irrigation of the nasal cavities and the throat with the salty water (e.g. with the spout), by the increased intake of the fluids (teas and the vitamin C are very beneficial), and staying away from the dry air and the spicy foods, since, they increase the risk of having this problem.

When it comes to the inflammatory process of the sinuses, which can be noticed as the congestion accompanied and caused by the swollen inner mucous membranes of the sinus cavities. Fortunately, dealing with this problem is also very simple, and includes the inhalations, massages, staying away from the dry air, the increased intake of liquids and blowing just one nostril, and then another.The natural remedies

However, concerning the action of inhaling, it is even more effective to inhale the steam from the tea prepared on the basis of some beneficial herb such as peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree, or to simply inhale the vapours from the fresh onion. The hot stupe on the basis of peppermint could be applied directly over the areas of the affected sinuses. And, finally, as far as the oral intake is concerned, the teas of goldensal or elderflower, and also the mixture of root of horseradish and 2 lemons are very beneficial. And, besides those homemade remedies, the prescribed medications for allergies and the congestion are still equally effective.

The painful sinuses are very big problem and there are some homeopathic remedies designed exactly for dealing with this problem. First of all, there are some traditional Chinese remedies which have shown to be very effective, and the most popular are "yu ping feng pian" (encourages the immune system and it provides the antibacterial effect) and "pe men kan wan" (irrigates the cavities and removes the abnormal amount of the accumulated mucus).

And, when it comes to the other remedies, very well known are Guang Ci Tang, Plum Flower and the leaves from loquat (which should be kept in water during one night and after that, drunk in the amount of 25 ml every 3 hours).

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