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We will talk about the blemishes located under the eyes andthey are called dark circles. There are many factors that contribute to thecreation of this condition. If we suffer from this condition, our face willappear tired and generally unpleasant due to these dark circles. Severaldisorders and illnesses can cause this problem among some other causes as well, and we will see whichthey are.


As we have mentioned earlier, dark circles under the eyes can be developed byseveral reasons. Insufficient amount of sleep is one of the primary causes ofdark circles. This will lead to dark circles and pale skin as well. Darkcircles can be developed due to fatigue and tiredness also. The problem we aretalking about has several other possible causes and some of them are allergies,food and seasonal, and exposure to some chemicals. Allergies can also lead topuffiness under the eyes. Hereditary factor may influence the development ofdark circles. Basically, the problem is created due to the thinner skin aroundthe eyes and this is the hereditary factor that makes a person prone to darkcircles. The dark circles that these people are suffering from arebasically veins through which blood is passing and due to the thinner skin,these blood vessels are more visible. The proteins are digested by the body, but if this process is impaired, thedark circles may appear. This can happen due to the deficiency of hydrochloricacid located in the stomach. Also, this deficiency may lead to additionalproblems, such as folic acid and vitamin B6 deficiency. The dark circles arethen created by the deposits of carbon located under the eyes. This problem maylead to the vitamin B12 deficiency as well, so try to consume sufficient amountof vitamins.Dark circles can be a result of periorbital pigmentation (condition associatedwith the production of melanin under the eyes) and iron deficiency. If the darkcircles are developed prior to the menstrual period, they can be a premenstrualsyndrome. Other causes are vitamin K deficiency and poor blood circulation.


There are ways of eliminating these annoying dark circles. Putting tea bags onthem is one of the most popular remedies. It is herbal and natural and it candecrease the puffiness and swelling, if kept on the affected location for 15minutes. Also, you will need to sleep sufficiently, drink a lot of water anduse slices of cucumber. They are supposed to be placed on the dark circles from10 to 15 minutes. The mix of potato and cucumber juice can be used as well.The skin be nourished with the help from the olive oil and the dark circleswill decrease as well. If you avoid smoking, drink sufficient amounts of water,sleep sufficiently and eat right, you will eliminate the problem. See adermatologist if the problem is persistent and these remedies are ineffective.

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