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Everyone experiences puffiness of the eyes from time to timeas it is not a severe medical condition. In order to get rid of puffy eyes, onemust always determine the cause of the problem and then use the remedy whichsuits that individual situation the most. The most common cause of puffy eyesis a lack of sufficient rest. Insufficient hydration, excessive amounts ofsalty foods and numerous different types of sleep disorders may also be heldresponsible for the occurrence of puffy eyes. Crying and consumption ofexcessive amounts of alcohol may also be the causes of puffy eyes. The fluidsget accumulated around the eyes and they are the physical factor which causesthe puffiness.

Cures For Puffy Eyes

The best thing to do is to avoid all the aforementionedharmful factors as much as possible, even though that sometimes can be ratherdifficult to pull off. There are numerous different sorts of creams and overthe counter medications which can be used to solve the problem, but one shouldalways opt for a natural solution first. The simplest thing a person can do isto wash the eyes with cold water. This refreshes the eyes very efficiently.Another popular remedy for puffy eyes is the sliced cucumber. One needs to cuttwo cucumber slices, place them over the eyes and rest for half an hour. Potatoslices may also be used as a substitute, if cucumbers are not available. Onemay also soak a cotton cloth with witch hazel and place it over the eyes. This methodalso requires at least 15 minutes of resting, just like the cucumber methoddescribed above. Reduction of the amounts of sodium ingested during the dayshould also be of great help because it is one of the most harmful factors whenit comes to the occurrence of puffy eyes. A person can also take two usedteabags and chill for a while in the refrigerator. Once they are cool enoughthey need to be placed over the eyes, while the person rests for half an hour.Teabags contain tannin which is very efficient in relieving the swelling.Soothing creams with plenty of aloe and vitamin E can be of great help as well.Proper hydration and ingestion of sufficient amounts of water is an excellentremedy for all those who suffer from puffy eyes. Reduction of alcoholconsumption and proper amounts of sleep are also very helpful.

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