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Aging, among other things, include forming of bags under the eyes. Aging is happening when a protective coat of fat that borders the eyes, starts to sag as the reaction to gravity or decreasing elasticity of skin. In such cases, the face looks older and it gives the individual a fatigued look. The eye bag elimination treatment can make a patient look younger. There are many factors that can attribute to ugly eye bags. The fat weight around the eyes can be caused by lax muscles, ligaments, epidermis etc. An additional fat supports eyelid barriers, so the eyes look baggy, because sometimes the relaxed epidermis may cause the bag due to extra skin in the area. Sagging eyebrows also thickens the muscle in the lid of the upper eyelids, forming bags under the eyes.

Surgery for eye bag elimination removes bags that form under the eyes, so patients look tired. Eye bags may interfere with sight and vision and in such case removal surgery helps. However, surgery won’t remove dark circles and won’t lift eyebrows. The method of eye bag removal procedure involves a few tiny incisions, just under the eyelash, when both surplus skin and fat are removed. The procedure blepharoplasty is done on upper and lower eyelids. After the eye bags removal procedure there are stitches to stay and are usually removed in a 3 to 7 days, after the surgery.

There are certain procedures here involved:

Blepharochalasis is the combination of the eyelid skin thinning, lid enlargement and projection of skin folds. Dermochalasis means additional skin. Hypertrophy of the orbicularis muscle is an overgrowth of the eyelid muscle and a growing of extra fat. Brow ptosis is when the drooping eyebrows create baggy upper eyelids.

The Best Candidates

Only physically fit and realistic people should consider such an operation. The surgery could be done in younger people as well if the patients are older then 35, and of course have baggy eyelids.

If there are medical circumstances that are putting a patient to a great risk, the doctor should consult with the patient about eye bag surgery. Thyroid problems that involve hypothyroidism or Grave’s malady bring on the risk of different complications. Dagerous factors are also dry eyes, glaucoma or a detached retina. Patients who suffer from circulatory disorders such as diabetes or a high blood pressure, are at a greater critical risk if they looking to have baggy eye surgery. There is a great risk to get complications due to a coming procedure.

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