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Dark circles that sometimes appear under the eyes can be a serious problem when it comes to a person’s visual appeal, as they reflect illness and tiredness.

The worst thing is that they affect one’s self esteem in a very bad way. The skin under the eyes can sometimes become thin and dry so the veins become more visible. Dark circles can be caused by numerous different conditions. One of the main reasons for having dark circles is that the condition actually runs in the family as a hereditary character.

Sometimes the dark circles may be the direct outcome of certain types of allergic reactions which may involve inflammatory conditions. Fatigue, lack of sleep, pregnancy, and sinus infections are conditions which may sometimes cause the skin to become pale so they can as well be the cause of dark circles.

Dark circles sometimes appear simply because of specific structure of the bones in the skull. Dark circles can also be cause by tanning when a person is exposed to sun light because the level of pigmentation gets increased. Certain types of medication sometimes may be responsible for causing the blood vessels to dilate which may also lead to the development of dark circles.

Malnutrition and poor nutrition can also influence the development of dark circles significantly. Hormonal imbalance can be triggered by numerous medical condition and it can also lead to the development of dark circles. Dark circles can also be a direct result of the process of aging.

Tips and Remedies

There are quite a few solutions for dark circles. They can be concealed by using different makeup techniques though bleaches should be avoided. Sufficient amounts of sleep are very beneficial as well.

Scratching the skin under the eyes should be avoided. A healthy and balanced diet with proper nutritional values is very efficient in curing and preventing dark circles from developing. Ayurvedic treatment for dark circles involves the detoxification of the body first and then the second phase of the treatment includes the skin rejuvenation.

Cucumber is very efficient in relaxing and soothing the eyes and the surrounding skin. Potato can be applied for the same purposes.

A paste consisting of turmeric, orange lentil, lemon juice and tomato puree can also be used for the treatment of dark circles. Drinking large amounts of water is highly recommended as well. One should eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables while chocolate should be avoided. Meditation and yoga can also be of great help.

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