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About the pain

The pain that is felt in the area of the sinus cavities is very common and natural consequence of the inflammation of the sinuses, medically called sinusitis. That is, painful are the symmetrical regions of the cheek and the area above the eyes on the forehead, where those cavities are placed.

Of course, the inflammatory process is the cause of the pain, (since it inevitably leads to swelling of the membranes and to the blockage of the nasal passages), but it is likely to be worsened during the climate changes; or if someone doesn’t sleep well, leads an unhealthy lifestyle (doesn’t eat the healthy foods and leads a sedentary lifestyle) and being affected by too much pressure in general.

The pain in the head that comes from the disorder of the sinuses is distinguished by the fact that it is more prominent in the mornings, and that it is followed by the mentioned blockage and the swelling of the eyelids. And, the inflammation is the result of the entrance of some bacteria, virus, fungi, or the particles which may cause the allergic reaction. How to reduce the pain in the natural way?

Of course, if this problem is noticed, the medical advice should be sought right away, but the following troubles of the sinus inflammation, such is the pain as the hardest of them all, can be lessened effectively by the use of the natural remedies. Those remedies are very recommendable since they, unlike the synthetic medical products, don’t include the side-effects.

The most effective are the remedies that attack the cause of a problem, hence, in this case, the blockage should be removed first of all. To do that, it is recommendable to inhale the steam from the teas made of the beneficial herbs or based on the water which went through the process of distillation or osmosis.

The similar effect on the mucous membranes of the inner part of the air passages has the hot bath of the feet. This activity actually improves the circulation of the lower extremities, thus removing the pressure on the upper part of the body, and additionally, provides the relief from the overall stress.

Also, the excessive pressure can be lessened by the use of the heated cloth, which should be put on directly to the area of the sinuses and kept there for around 10 minutes.

Of course, providing enough fluids is necessary for removing the congestion, especially if this activity is enriched with the intake of the vitamins, that is, with drinking the freshly squeezed juice from fruits.

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