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Physical attraction is important and beautiful eyes can be important factor in the process of seduction. Often an expression a deep beautiful eyes is common to describe an admiration for a beautiful eyes. Eyes can tell plenty about the person as well: eyes are having a personality. Therefore eyes need to taken care of on a proper way. And there are dark circles under the eyes that can give an impression of tired, old or even evil person.

If you would like vibrant healthy eyes, there is certain medical advice;

No eyes rubbing, practice blinking instead. Blinking massages eyes. And eye rubbing can cause dark circles under eyes due to a broken blood vessels. Then the skin under the eyes bruise making the most unpleasant dark circles under eyes. When you rub your eyes you break blood vessels under your eyes and make ugly dark circles.

Rest well. A classic treatment for dark circles is a good night sleep. It is good to sleep with elevated head though.

Wear Sunglasses. Good sun glasses protects eyes from bad UV rays, prevent wrinkles and many other things. Darkening under eyes can be caused by sun light strike.

Do not drink late in the evening and night. Extra fluids before bedtime are not good for darkness under eyes.

Apply milk. Putting milk on eyes is good for eyes, because make up can also cause dark circles under eyes: milk is a natural cleanser.

Put cold on the eyes. Cold temperatures suit eyes and reduce fatigue. Chopped cucumber slices or potato slices cold applied on eyes can help. Or just cold water is enough. Cold reduces wrinkles.

Apply rose water. There is something in the sparkly glowing eyes so apply 2 drops of rose water with a dropper for a special eye lift.

Eat healthy. Eating healthy is vital for eyes as well as for entire body. Plenty of fruits and vegetables that have a great level of beta carotene can help. Also eat mango, papaya, spinach, etc, it is good for eyes.

Use RevitaLume. It is a great eye treatment and removes puffy eyes very shortly. It is a product to be put under make up; it is to be applied as gel in morning or before bed. And it fades dark circles under the eyes.

Great concealer. A make up wonder. A proper concealer reduces visible dark circles. Concealer needs to be lighter than your natural skin tone to achieve effect and are applied with finger.

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