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Back pain is a common problem that can deem debilitating for most. It can cause a person to not function correctly. Sometimes the usual prescription solutions just don’t work or they can leave a number of side effects and this is the reason why more and more people are turning to more natural remedies.

The Causes of Back Pain

The causes of a back pain are numerous and they occur when there is a form of a weakness in the back or an injury for example carrying heavy objects can overstrain your back, as well as exercising without taking the precautions. By lifting in the incorrect posture can cause pain in the back as can twisting or turning clumsily. Bad posture can contribute to the pain as can pregnancy, being overweight and sitting in one position for a long time. Stress can also be a factor to consider.

Medical Factors of Back Pain

The pain will come from having a strain on the muscle or a ligament. In the spine there is the facet joint and when damaged it can cause the host to experience pain. Spasms can cause pain as well as Herniation of an intervertebral disc which basically means a slipped disc. Sciatica is another reason for the pain in one’s back, however, the pain is felt further down, along the buttock into the leg, the causes of this problem is usually a herniated disc pressing against the sciatic nerve and osteoarthritis. The most popular reason for back pain is osteoarthritis in the over fifties. Another cause of the pain is spinal stenosis, this is when the spinal canal is narrow which puts pressure on the cord and/or the nerves.

How to Prevent Back Pain

Prevention of back pain or any pain for that matter is always better than trying to treat the pain once it has arrived. So, you need to ensure you are taking part in some form of regular exercise to keep the muscles moving and flexible. With that being said you also need to take care not to move in any awkward positions that put your body under stress. It is never advisable to carry one bag that is weighty over one shoulder nor is it advisable to do any form of twisting whilst carrying something. Always follow the correct lifting procedure and sit straight at all times. Take care as to which mattress you buy, you do not want it overly soft nor too hard.

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