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More and more people are coming forward complaining of the lower back pain. This can be happening to them for a number of reasons such as sleeping on the wrong type of mattress, sitting and/or standing for long periods of time, having an incorrect posture, lifting heavy objects, lifting objects without following the correct lifting procedure and, of course, injury.

Tips Prior to Doing Low Back Pain Exercises

For the prevention of pain in the lower back you can do some exercises that will help to strengthen and stretch your muscles in your abdomen. This will assist you in maintaining a high-quality posture. Prior to doing any form of exercise it is important that you warm up your muscles sufficiently enough as to not cause any injury. A warm up can consist of a simple brisk walk. It is advisable that you wear loose fitting clothes for your lower back exercises as it will make it more comfortable thus easier to perform. An obvious piece of advice is that you should not continue with an exercise if it causes you any pain or discomfort. If you are planning on following an exercise program for the prevention of lower back pain or to help with the recovery from lower back pain you should really talk to a fitness instructor or a health care provider. Below are some exercises to help with lower back pain.

Lying Supine Hamstring Stretch

To do this particular exercise you will need to lie down on your back and place a rolled towel under your lower back. Now put your left leg down so your knee is straight and bend your right leg from the hip. Lock your fingers together so you are holding your right thigh, it is important that you keep your elbows straight whilst straightening out your right knee and at the same time push your foot towards the ceiling. This should allow you to feel a stretch through your buttocks and your thigh. You will need to hold this posture for half a minute and repeat it two more times and then again with the other leg.

Cat Stretch

Put your hands under your shoulders and put your knees under your hips so you are in a cat position. Now you need to allow your head to drop down and at the same time push your hip under so you are arching your back like a cat does when you stroke them. Stay in this position for the count of five and repeat at least ten times.

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