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Back pain

Many adults have the problems with their backs, and back pain is related to the pain that usually occurs in that area of the human body. When the back pain occurs in men, they rarely go to seek a medical attention, unlike women who take care of their health more than men. However, this characteristic pain in the back is more frequent in men than in women due to their difficult labor.

Causes of back pain in men

One of the most ordinary causes for the occurrence of the back pain is bad posture or incorrect lifting. Furthermore, degenerative changes in the spine may lead to the appearance of the pain. Fortunately, these degenerative changes can be regulated with medications and adequate exercises. Nevertheless, in certain severe cases, even surgery or proper physical therapy is necessary. Pain in the back usually occurs owing to aging and overuse, although there are several other causes that are usually overlooked.

Kidney stones

Those people who have kidney stones may experience side pain that spreads out into the back. Kidney stones are a condition that is more frequent in men than in women and that becomes more common with aging. If a man has kidney stones, he may feel pain in the back, abdominal area and flank. This pain is usually accompanied with constant urge to urinate, burning feeling with urination and nausea. This pain is not constant, because it only appears when the kidney stones move.

Abdominal aortic aneurysm

One of the causes of back pain, though a very rare one, is abdominal aortic aneurysm. This condition appears when the large blood vessel that transports the blood to the lower part of the body becomes weaker and swollen. The first symptom of this condition is the pain in the back. Abdominal aortic amateurism is a common condition for men, rarely for women. The pain in the back that appears with this disorder is accompanied usually with cramping in the legs and feet when walking. Abdominal aortic aneurysm needs surgery.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer may be the cause for the constant pain in the back which becomes worse over time. Weight loss, fatigue and night sweating are some of the symptoms that may appear along with back pain in such case.

Other causes

Osteoporosis, which may cause painful compression fractures, disc problems, spinal arthritis and narrowing of the spinal canal or spinal stenosis are some of the other causes that may contribute to the occurrence of pain in the back. The pain in the back should never be ignored.

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