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Back pain in women

Back pain is one of the most common troubles for almost everyone. It can be very problematic and have many consequences for a quality of life. Because of this pain, many people can not work or function properly. Therefore, many everyday activates or some important things are neglected or missed. In such case, pain in the back has many bad effects on the life of the person who suffers from it.

Causes of back pain in women

The pain in the back occurs due to many reasons, and in order to treat it properly, the first step is to diagnose the cause. In the majority of cases with pain back, it occurs because of deconditioning, structural problems, medical conditions and physiological stress. These are the most common causes for the occurrence of back pain in women.

The lumbar region is the lower back. This area may be affected by twisting, lifting and weight bearing. In most cases, when pain occurs in women, it is in this region. Unfortunately, the lumbar muscles are rarely strengthened by exercises and many people who regularly exercise ignore this region. Furthermore, nowadays many activities or jobs are performed while sitting. Therefore, the sitting for a long time is one of the causes for the appearance of pain back. Sitting is not good for the muscles of lumbar region. In the cases in which these muscles must be used in certain activities, they are not used to it because of prolonged sitting. Because of that, the weak lumbar muscles get strained in an activity and cause pain that may last for weeks.

In order to prevent this, deconditioning has the proper remedy. A healthy weight, physical activity, avoiding cigarettes and sitting and standing straight are some of the things that one should do to reduce the pain in the lumbar region. It is very important to strengthen the back muscles when plasticizing aerobics and strength training. Obese women may also feel pain in the back, because the excessive fat makes an extra pressure to the back that bears the entire body. Chronic poor posture with slumping forward may lead to the deformity of the spine, which further burdens the back causing pressure and pain.

Structural causes for the occurrence of back pain in women are scoliosis, degenerative disc, compression fractures due to osteoporosis, an injury, arthritis and herniated disc, as well as spinal stenosis and Paget's disease. Back pain in women may be further caused by certain medical conditions, such as cancers, infections, pelvic problems, kidneys disease, and menstruation, whereas stress, depression and lack of sleep are some of the psychological causes for the appearance of this problem.

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