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Obesity is recognized as one of the most widely spread and most common diseases in the modern world. Many factors have contributed to increased obesity rate among the world’s population, especially in the developed countries. Those factors can be classified as sociological, environmental, psychological, cultural, biological and many more.

Causes of obesity

Some believe that increased obesity is due to the impact of modernization and industrialization of the food in general and also on the eating habits. Today almost every food comes in packaged, ready-made form, depleted of essential nutrients and stuffed with artificial colors, taste enhancers and preservatives. Fast food and junk food are also full of hidden salts and sugars. All this, coupled with the fact that only one third of adults is countries like United States engage in some kind of physical activity on regular basis, was bound to lead to a significant increase of obesity among the population.

Childhood obesity is an increasing problem that causes great concern among health professionals. It greatly increases the risk of several chronic and serious disorders and diseases, from hypertension and diabetes to problems with physical development.

Obesity has a serious negative impact on overall health. Back pain is just one of the problems associated with being overweight.

Obesity and back pain

Back pain can occur due to many different conditions. However, if associated with obesity, there is a great chance it comes from osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis.

Human spine is designed to support and carry the load of body’s weight. When the weight is excessive, the spine needs to assimilate or adjust itself to the burden, which causes structural deformities and damage, like injury, sciatica and such.

The low back or the lumbar spine is the most vulnerable part of the spine when it comes to the effects of excessive weight. Because of the burden, combined with lack of exercise that is usually seen in obese people, the spine is forced to curve in the lower back. These compromises the normal posture, the pelvis moves far too forward, affecting the rest of the spine, for example the neck region. All this, of course, leads to a number of symptoms and issues, back pain being just one of them.

Negative impact of obesity on overall health is a matter of common knowledge. However, it is important to remember that cardiovascular system is not the only one that suffers from it. Damage to the spine due to obesity must not be easily dismissed or overlooked, since it often becomes irreversible, leading to chronic problems and permanent damage.

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