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Information on Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are actually seeds from the plant known by thename of cannabis sativa and they are very beneficial for the human body becausethey are an excellent source of all the different types of amino acids andessential fatty acids. The good thing about the hemp plant is that it can growin virtually all different types of climate. It is a very hardy plant and it iseven naturally resistant to all different types of pest, which means that itdoes not have to be sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. When the seeds getharvested they need to be cleaned thoroughly before they can be cold pressed.The process is designed so that the natural freshness of the seeds can bepreserved. The seeds are known for being among the most nutritional types offood in the world and they are very easily digested.

Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are jam packed with different types of proteins.They are also loaded with omega 6 fatty acids, omega 3 fatty acids, essentialminerals and vitamins. Hemp seeds are very beneficial for the overall health ofthe heart due to their rich content of essential fatty acids. They areefficient in reducing the risk of heart attack and fatal cardiac arrhythmiabecause they provide the body with healthy types of fats instead of saturatedfats which are contained in numerous food items. Hemp seeds containphytosterols which may come in very handy when it comes to reducing the levels ofbad cholesterol in the blood and increasing the levels of good cholesterol inthe blood. Hemp seeds can be pressed in order to obtain polyunsaturated oil andthey can also be used for the preparation of seed cakes. The oil can beconsumed in its plain form or it can be mixed with other food items such assalads or breads. The seeds can be ground in order to make flour which can beused for baking too. The extracted oil can be used for the nourishing andregeneration of the skin very efficiently because it penetrates the skin muchfaster than all other types of oil. It enhances the moisture of the skin andprevents it from aging or becoming saggy.

Hemp seeds are completely safe for consumption and they arenot associated with the occurrence of any side effects. However, it is advised to avoidconsuming them in excessive amounts.

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