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Fatty acids are very important for our health.They are made of carbon chains that have different lengths. Since our bodiesare not capable of synthesizing fatty acids we need to consume them through thefood or food supplements. EFAs stand for essential fatty acids. Other namesfor them are vitamin F or polyunsaturated. These includes omega-3 fatty acidsand omega-6 fatty acids. Both of them can be called linoleum acids.Fatty acids nourish our cells keeping them healthyand helping them grow and develop. Fatty acids aid in hormone production suchas production of prostaglandins. This hormone balances blood pressure andreduces migraine headaches and arthritis. Essential fatty acids are beneficial for our skinand hair. They successfully treat eczema and psoriasis. They can even relievebody from Candida infections.EFAs reduce LDL cholesterol and triglyceridelevels. By doing this they prevent clotting of blood and developing heartdiseases.Our brains need fatty acids in order to developproperly. They ease transmission of nerve impulses.The best sources of omega-3s are coldwater anddeepwater fish (especially salmon, mackerel, herring, tuna, sardines etc) andtheir oil as well as canola, flaxseed and walnut oil. Different nuts are notonly tasty but full of omeg3 essential fatty acids as well. Especially rich arewalnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds and so on.Even more important for our health are omega-6fatty acids which can be found in raw nuts, seeds, legumes and borage, grapeseed, primrose, sesame and soybean oil. Our bodies need both of essential fatty acids. Ifwe consume them regularly we keep our heart, bones, skin and blood in optimalhealth which can prolong our lives.Since Americans are known to eat fast food a lotthey need to start changing their eating habits and consume more food rich inpolyunsaturated fatty acids. This will reduce the high mortality rate that isconsequence of heart attacks. Polyunsaturated fatty acids break the long chainsthat are created by saturated fatty acids and in this way they ease digestingfood.If a person replaces saturated fats withpolyunsaturated fatty acids they will reduce cholesterol, triglycerides andhave normal blood pressure. Their skin will glow and their bones will bestrong. By eating food rich in essential fatty acids or if adding supplementswith EFAs to every meal one can prevent many dangerous diseases such ascoronary artery disease, heart attack, strokes, cancer, arthritis,osteoporosis, hypertension etc. Supplying your body with essential fatty acidsyou will feel that you have more energy and that you feel generally healthy.

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