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Acne cannot be caused by a poor diet, stress or poorhygiene. The facial skin is jam packed with oil glands which are meant tolubricate the skin by means of releasing the sebum through the follicles. Oncethe follicles get clogged with dead skin cells, bacteria or excessive sebum,the condition is known as acne.


Prevention is the best method of treatment, so there are acouple of things which can be done in order to prevent the acne from occurringin the first place. Touching the face with dirty or sweaty fingers needs to beavoided. It is also highly recommended to have facials on a regular basis.Protecting the skin from the harmful sunlight by using a sunscreen with a sunprotection factor or 15 or higher is also very high on the list of priorities. Oilbased sunscreens need to be avoided. Using water based makeup is recommendedinstead of using oil based makeup products. Washing the face with a delicatesoap twice a day on a regular daily basis will prevent the acne from occurringas well. High levels of iodine in thedaily diet need to be avoided. Oil based skin care and hair care products alsoneed to be avoided as much as possible. A steady, healthy and well balanceddiet is very important in the prevention of acne. Various OTC products can be used in order toprevent pimples from occurring. The pimples should not be rubbed, picked, popped,squeezed or manipulated in any other way, because it may only aggravate thecondition and lead to painful inflammatory conditions. The face should not beexfoliated in order to get rid of the dead skin cells, because scrubbing theskin irritated with acne can only make things even worse.

Acne friendly Diet

A well balanced diet is one of the best methods of treatmentfor acne. There are numerous different types of food items which may come invery handy when it comes to getting rid of this annoying medical condition.Unprocessed foods can be of great help. Plenty of fresh, raw fruits andvegetables need to be consumed on a regular daily basis. Foods rich in dietaryfiber and omega 3 essential oils are recommended as well. Plenty of water andother healthy beverages are of utmost importance. Refined sugar, fried foods, trans fats,caffeine, carbonated beverages, seafood, chocolate and iodized salt need to beavoided as much as possible.

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