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One of the facts that have become evident is that a growing number of people who inhabit the North American soil have problematic issues with the Omega-3 fatty acids deficiency. One of the primary reasons for this is the over processed diet. The most frequently occurring manifestations of the above-mentioned phenomenon are depression and the related health endangering symptoms that are known to affect our mental health.

Fatty acids – significance

What needs to be emphasized when it comes to fatty acids is that they belong to the group of those good and beneficial fats. Given the fact that these fats are constantly confronting those bad fats, it is essential to decrease the consumption of those bad fats such as trans fats and cholesterol, and keep the levels of the good fats as high as possible. One of the most eminent benefits of the good fats is that they have a potential to increase the amounts of the so-called good cholesterol.

Essential fatty acids under the microscope

The acids in question are considered as those vital ones, which the human body is not able to synthesize by itself, but must be acquired by way of food and proper diet. When it comes to their constitution, they represent long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids that can originate from linolenic, linolenic, as well as oleic acids. Another important fact that needs to be emphasized is that there exist two different categories, i.e. omega-3 and omega-6 respectively. Another variety – omega-9, though considered to be vital, is not essential since our bodies are capable of producing a significant quantity of it, when there is a proper amount of the essential fatty acids available.

EFA significance

These acids are extremely important when it comes to keeping such systems as the reproductive, immune, cardiovascular, and nervous healthy and operational. Yet another important purpose they fulfill is that of membrane cells repair and renewing, as well as making it possible for the cells to acquire the proper nutrition, and excrete all those harmful toxins form our body

Omega – 3 – its main active constituent is alpha linolenic acid. Our body, in turn, is capable of converting this into the eicosapentaenoic acid first, and then later on into docosahexaenoic acid. These acids are extremely important when it comes to the formation of the walls of bodily cells, which gives them a supple and flexible character, as well as be extremely helpful in boosting circulation and the intake of oxygen. The richest sources are considered to be flaxseed, hempseed oil, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, sesame seeds, Brazil nuts, avocados, green vegetables, canola oil etc.Omega – 6 – is considered to be the most vital omega-6 acid. If we take for example a person who is healthy and is adhering to a proper and healthy nutrition, then this person is able to transform it into the gamma linolenic acid that is in the course of time to be synthesized by the person’s body. The specific varieties of this acid are known to have the potential to boost diabetic neuropathy, as well as relieve rheumatoid arthritis, PMS and various disorders affecting the skin of a person (eczema, psoriasis etc.). Another important fact is that it is known to aid significantly in the treatment of cancer.

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