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Information on Burdock Root

Burdock root originates from the northern Asia and Europebut it now commonly grows in the United States as well. It is popular becauseof its numerous health benefits but it can also be associated with numerousdifferent types of side effects. It has been used for the treatment of numerousillnesses, ailments and medical conditions for many centuries. It is one of themost popular alternative medicaments for various types of diseases but oneneeds to be cautious before using it since it can be affiliated with certaintypes of unwanted adverse effects.

Burdock root is usually taken in the form ofherbal tea or in the form of pills. One may also use burdock root ointmentswhich can be applied topically on the areas of the skin affected by numerousdifferent types of skin disorders. Burdock root seeds are an exceptional sourceof different types of vitamins and essential fatty acids.

They are very rich invitamin B and vitamin A. Burdock root is also very efficient in detoxifying andpurifying the blood and it can come in very handy when it comes to theprevention and treatment of numerous different types of skin disorders likeacne ulcers, eczema and pimples. It canbe of great help in soothing the inflammatory conditions of the joints whichare the most common symptoms of the medical condition known as arthritis.Burdock root is also very beneficial for the overall health because it is aremarkable source of iron, insulin and different types of beneficial oils.

It increases the perspiration and urinationand it can also have a very positive effect on the digestive system. Burdockroot is also known for its very potent aphrodisiac properties.

Side Effects of Burdock Root

Topical application of burdock root ointments can easily beassociated with numerous different types of allergic reactions. Oral ingestionof burdock root may lead to increased urination which can be dangerous forpregnant women.

Burdock root may also get contaminated with belladonna, inwhich case it may induce heart rate problems and mouth dryness. Burdock root may damage the liver and thekidneys in some cases and it may also be held responsible for the changes inthe levels of sugar in the blood in some people.

Burdock root may interact withother medicaments and supplements and it may even lead to occurrence of eyeinflammations and a hampered ability to absorb the iron in the intestines.

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