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Beconase nasal spray is among the most popular medications that are used for lowering the inflammatory process of the membranes of the nasal cavities and passages. That is, it belongs to the group of the corticosteroids, meaning that it is actually a hormone which imitates the naturally produced hormone in the adrenalin glands and its main function is to reduce the inflammatory processes and to defend the body from the autoimmune diseases.

Indications, contraindications and precautions

Usually the inflammatory process of the membranes is provoked by the allergen cells that come into the mouth or nose by the inhaled air. And, at that stage, beconase is used, actually, to disable the allergic reaction, thus providing the relief.

So, consequently, it is usually prescribed as a treatment of the rhinitis caused by allergy and for lessening and providing the relief from the symptoms of allergies, especially concerning the case of the hay fever. These following problems are the congestion, runny nose, the itchiness, the pain on the spots of the sinus cavities and the most prominent, sneezing. Also, they are used for preventing the comeback of the nasal polyp.

As the other drugs for treating the hay fever, this spray too is recommended to be used a few days before the season of the pollen starts.

However, this spray is also beneficial for the same condition, but which is not triggered by the allergic reaction, but by a vasomotor factor.

It is important to remember that the persons who have less than eighteen years shouldn’t (and the children who are less than six years old mustn’t) use this medicine, and that it is restricted only to the nasal use. Also, the proper usage includes the frequent cleaning of the nozzle of the sprayer, mildly shaking it before use, and spraying it in the air before in the nose until the consistent mist appears.

Special care should be concerned when using it in the cases of the infections, some nasal ulcers or interventions, in the case of replacing another corticosteroid with this drug, and, most importantly, if using it for a longer period of time.

The last one mentioned problem happens if the amount of the active components is so excessive that they enter the blood flow and thus provoke certain illnesses of the other parts of the body. That way, osteoporosis, glaucoma, damaging the functions of the adrenalin glands, and some other disorders could happen as the unwanted consequences.

Similarly, the active components of beconase can be found in the milk of the pregnant women, and although their concentration is very low, the mother should discuss whether she may or may not use this spray.

And, finally, some individuals might experience the following negative effects of beconase, such as itchiness and rash (if there is an allergic response to the drug), the sense of dryness of the nose, and the blood flowing from the nose.

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