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Polyp is an abnormal growth of tissue which is often located on the mucous membranes and linings. In the case of the nasal polyps, as their name already says that they can usually appear on the linings inside the cavities of the nose and sinuses. They tend to get big enough partially or totally block the airway, so, the sign of this condition is the trouble while breathing.

The other symptoms of this condition are, logically the problems with breathing, such as runny nose, post nasal drip, snoring during sleep (and the sleep apnea), the decreased sense of smell and headache.

The exact causes have remained unknown to the present day, and because of that the only thing that can be done is to focus on the possible underlying conditions that are likely to lead to the creation of the nasal polyp. And, of course, remove it surgically.

In most cases the rhinitis based on allergy is the cause, or any other condition that is related with the inflammatory process of the membranes of the previously mentioned cavities. Some of them besides are the allergies and sinusitis, asthma and the cystic fibrosis. But the polyp can be created due to the excessive usage of the drugs like Aspirin and the nasal sprays and drops.

So, when it comes to the medications, usually the steroids called cortisones are prescribed to make the polyp smaller, along with the leukotriene inhibitors, which are effective in minimizing the inflammatory process. The last option is the surgical procedure.

As far as the homemade remedies are concerned, one should consult the doctor if using them too. Their function is usually of reducing the symptoms, treating the underlying conditions and making the immune system more powerful. The best foods, concerning that matter, are garlic, onions, Echinacea and Fenugreek and the nutrients such as vitamins (A, B, C and E) and minerals (e.g. selenium and zinc). Of course, in order to boost the immunity, one should pay attention on taking enough sleep and rest in general.

Also, the irrigations with the solution of salt and water should be performed once a day besides the inhalations. These actions are mainly focused on removing the mucus and bacteria.

But, there are the beneficial remedies which are focused on shrinking the polyps, and the most popular is, for instance, teucrium is also the beneficial homemade remedy is inhaling of the mixed bloodroot and bayberry, which is converted into powder previously.

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