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Description of the sinus disorder

The inflammation of the mucous membranes which are located in the sinus cavities is one of the most frequent health problems in the U.S. and it is not so severe medical condition. The indicators of this chronic condition are very annoying because they are all based on the irritation and the most prominent are the congestion of the nose, the pain in the area of the sinus cavities, and, consequently the overall exhaustion of the organism.

Additionally, the swelling of the affected area (all around the nose) and of the eyes’ region is usually present, and in the advanced cases of this condition, the greenish or yellowish mucus could flow through the nose.

So, the inflammatory process can start as the result, or to be more precise, as the reaction to the harmful substances inhaled from the environment, such as bacteria, viruses, and the other various polluted particles in the air (e.g. the smoke from the cigarette). It may be also triggered by some innate anatomical irregularity, or by some underlying condition, such as, the inflammation of the teeth that spread to the throat and the sinuses. And, at this point, it is important to mention that the sinusitis can be acute and chronic, and when it is chronic, it is actually alternated with the acute inflammatory outbreaks. The natural treatment

In order to deal with this condition it is good to seek the medical attention, but it is even better to choose the naturally based treatment because that way, the negative side-effects of the conventionally prescribed artificial medications (which are, most commonly, antibiotics and antihistamines, depending on the cause of sinusitis) are avoided. And also, none of the synthetic medications helps on the longer run.

So, the first thing that should be done is to enhance the defensive mechanism of the organism, and the most beneficial remedies for that purpose are the ones based on the herbs Echinacea (also reduces the inflammation), nettle (for the better autoimmune response), goldenseal (efficient in attacking the germs) and licorice (lessens the inflammatory process and stimulates the adrenaline).

Besides those, here are some useful advices on how to provide the relief from the troublesome symptoms. For example, if the nose is blocked, that should be treated with the inhalation of the tea made from some aromatic herb, or just couple of drops of some essential oil should be added into the boiled water. And if there is the case of the excessive amount of the thick mucus, the nasal cavities should be washed out with the mixture of little bit of the salt enriched with iodine and baking soda, diluted into the 2dl of lukewarm water, by using a syringe.

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