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Sinus congestion is a common problem that often causes significant discomfort and pain. It is strongly recommended to learn about ways to relieve sinus congestion and to clear the sinuses so the problem can last as shortly as possible, with no further complications.

Causes of sinus congestion

Sinus congestion occurs when one or more sinuses become blocked with mucus secreted from the nasal passages. It is associated with common cold, flu and allergies.

When a virus, a bacteria or an allergen cause an infection, the membranes of nasal passages start secreting extra mucus in order to flush out whatever is causing the infection and the inflammation. The mucus collects in the passages, and if it is not expelled, it blocks them, causing the feeling of stuffiness and pressure above or below the eyes, on the forehead and around the nose.

Tips for sinus congestion relief

There are two key things in sinus congestion relief. One is to always keep the sinuses damp and prevent drying, and the other is to try to expel excess mucus from the sinuses.

In order to keep the sinuses damp, it helps to keep a vaporizer or a humidifier in all the rooms in the house, especially in the bedroom. This is particularly important during the night. Taking hot showers or simply spending some time in a steamy bathroom can help too, just like inhaling the vapors from a bowl of steaming water, possibly with some aromatic essential oils added to it.

The hydration of the sinuses must be done from inside too. This means that a person who is suffering from sinus congestion should drink plenty of fluids, preferably water, fruit juice, warm herbal tea, and avoid smoking, alcohol, coffee and caffeinated drinks. Dairy products should be avoided too, as they are known for promoting the mucus production.

Chicken soup is one of the best home remedies for many illnesses, including sinus problems.

As for getting rid of the extra mucus, one can use neti pot or nasal irrigators. These usually use saline solution, which is water with salt diluted in it, because they clean and disinfect the passages, wash away the germs and soothe the irritated membranes. In case neti pot is not available, a simple syringe filled with saline solution can be used.

Blowing the nose correctly is very important. It should be done every time the nose feels stuffy, but one should not blow too hard. Blowing is done one nostril at a time, using a disposable paper tissue and washing the hands afterwards.

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